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Amazone Lotto games should always be fun, playing in a way that is right for you. Using our handy toolkit you can set limits, take time out or set up reminders.

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What is Amazone Lotto?

Some content. Amazone Lotto is a Lottery company in South America that is very well known and well-known.

Since when was Amazone Lotto established?

Some content. Amazone Lotto has been established since 1995 and still exists today

Can Amazone Lotto be trusted?

Some content. Of course, we are very trustworthy and we have millions of players who play every day.

Can i ask for Winning?

Some content. Of course you can use your analysis data on this website.

Will I get premium support?

Some content. Don't worry, every player will get satisfactory service from our Customer Support.

Where are you currently working?

Some content. We are on the mainland of South America, to be precise, in the South American City of Amazone.

Lotto Prize Packages

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Prize 4th

  • The winner of this ticket
$ 1,000

Prize 3rd

  • The winner of this ticket
$ 2,500

Prize 2nd

  • The winner of this ticket
$ 5,000

Prize 1st

  • The winner of this ticket
$ 10,000

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